Prod Hauz






Prod Hauz is a fashion apparel design and production service company.



We started as a private manufacturing company for an Australian Fashion label back in 2016.  Since moving back to the Philippines, Hershey's  birth country, she decided to build her own factory to expand her business in Australia and to also eliminate common problems she experienced with her sub- contracted factory in China, some of which are: language barrier, high MOQ's, wrong patterns and long turn around for sampling and production.

With 40 units per style (incl. size) MOQ requirement, garment development ,as well as apparel production and manufacturing. The Prod Hauz is giving start up fashion entrepreneurs/business owners and established labels the opportunity to start and quickly expand without breaking the bank. It's a great way to get your product market fit. The Prod Hauz is an incubator for fashion designers, retail entrepreneurs and business owners.